Portugal 2020 – Business Financing Opportunity

This is the agreement between Portugal and the European Commission, bringing together the five European Structural and Investment Funds – ERDF, Cohesion Fund, ESF, EAFRD and FEAMP – which define the programming principles of development policy economic, social and territorial development to promote, in Portugal, between 2014 and 2020.

These programming principles are aligned with Intelligent, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, EUROPE 2020 STRATEGY.

Portugal will receive EUR 25 billion by 2020, setting the Thematic Objectives to stimulate growth and the creation of Employment, the interventions needed to achieve them and the achievements and expected results of these funding.

The programming and implementation of Portugal 2020 are organized in four thematic areas:

– Competitiveness and Internationalization;
– Social inclusion and employment;
– Human capital;
– Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources.

What are the priorities of Portugal 2020?
  • Stimulating the production of tradable goods and services, internationalization of the economy and qualification of the specialization profile of the Portuguese economy;
  • Strengthening investment in education, including advanced training, and measures and initiatives aimed at employability;
  • Reinforcing the integration of people at risk of poverty and combating social exclusion;
  • Promoting territorial cohesion and competitiveness, particularly in cities and low-density areas;
  • Support to the State reform program, ensuring that the funds can contribute to the rationalization, modernization and institutional capacity of the Public Administration and to the reorganization of the models for the provision of public goods and services.
What principles should Portugal 2020's programming work follow?
  • Economic Rationality (allocation of funds depends on the added value of the project);
  • Concentration (focus funding support on a limited number of domains in order to maximize impact);
  • Financial Discipline and Budgetary Integration (support depending on present and future impact on public accounts and consistency with national multiannual budget programming) – Segregation of Management Functions and Prevention of Conflicts of Interest;
  • Transparency and Accountability (application to the management of Community funds of good practices of public information on the support granted and the evaluation of the results obtained).


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